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Lakeham Jazara

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Lakeham Jazara
Lakeham Jazara .

Jazara is a well proportioned strong huacaya. Her fleece is good, fine and well crimped, of medium density. She has a gentle nature and like all Lakeham alpacas is fully halter trained .

Her antecedents are given below.

GSire: Laurel's Ebony huacaya, solid black

Sire: Lakeham Dominic huacaya solid black

GDam: Lakeham Domino huacaya, grey,
      white blaze and stockings

GSire: Lakeham Kahlua huacaya solid dark fawn

Dam: Lakeham Jayne huacaya solid white

GDam: Lakeham Joanna huacaya solid white

Jazara was born 26/06/2013. Was last mated to West Webburn Atlas, a solid dark fawn Stud having Windsong Valley Mateus and Alpha Saturn genetics. She has recently delivered a really attractive light brown boy having excellent conformity and presence. She had previously produced 2 girls both of which are similarly well conformed and having excellent fleece characteristics. In all cases the births have been normal, without difficulties. She has thus shown herself to be a first rate breeding dam.
Because she is currently feeding her new cria she will not be sold before her cria is weaned, about 6 months from now ( mid August}

Gender: female

Price: 2500.00

Status: for sale

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