Lakeham Alpacas

The Cria Season

We are expecting 16 new arrivals this year. So far 7 - 6 brown and 1 black - unbelievable!

Over 12 years of breeding alpacas, we have always had a high proportion of white crias - even from coloured animal combinations.

This year, we were amazed that the first 3 were dark brown girls - all solid coloured, super straight legs and full of energy.  We have only produced 2 other dark browns - ever - before so this was a real surprise.  Even more surprising that we have since had a further 4 cria born, of which 3 were dark brown and 1 black.  Of these, one of the brown's  is a boy as is the black.  All are really super BUT telling them apart (boys excepted of course!) is a real problem.

We wait impatiently to see what next pops out.  We are eternally grateful that - to date - we have seen no sign of Schmallenberg and that all the cria are perfect.  It has been a real worry as some Devon sheep flocks have had horrendous problems

So far - so good!

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