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How you can call a really spectacular Stud "Humming Rolex" is beyond me.

Rolly originates from the Humming Herd but has been owned by Collabear Alpacas for several years for whom he has produced some really spectacular, prize winning progeny. He's now 9 years old but still has great "macho" presence and a beautiful rose grey fleece across his whole saddle. We hope and believe that he will continue to beget some real stunners and we are pleased to have been able to acquire him. We also bought a son of Rolly, called Reggie who, though dark brown has grey genes from both Rolly and Bozedown Rossignol. We are thus hopeful of producing some really interesting progeny from him.

All in all, the Collabear sale, though sad in that David and Elaine will not be present in future shows has revitalised us and put back our own retirement to an indefinite future date.

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