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Retirement in distant sight

We thought that 2011 would be be our last complete year of alpaca breeding. After 10 years involvement in this thoroughly rewarding occupation, we are becoming "crumblies" more suited to going to Shows as observers not participants ...... but!

We had almost decided to retire in 2011 as one of us had reached 70 and was (is) becoming increasingly creaky at the joints. However, we had the opportunity to acquire some new coloured stock that changed and improved our herd.  As a result, we have delayed our retirement to some unknown future date but still intend to do this once creakiness has reached a point where even the help of our quad bike and a walking stick is ineffective!

This means that we will be able to offer cost effective "packages" of alpacas, particularly multi coloured groups which, we hope, will appeal to those interested in "Starter Herds"

So - on with the motley!

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